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Press: Rice University press release, futurity, and ScienceDaily.

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Press: Interview with me about the paper featured on the Heredity podcast; Rice’s press release picked up by futurity and

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Review in Science Daily; This paper won The American Naturalists’ Best Student Paper award in 2012

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Top 25% most-cited articles in PLoS One

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Pending Manuscripts

Girardeau, AR*, Foley, BR, and Saltz, JB. Comparing single-species and mixed-species groups in fruit flies: differences in group dynamics but not group formation. Journal of Heredity

Jamilla Akhund-Zade, Denise Yoon, Alyssa Bangerter,  Nikolaos Polizos, Matthew Campbell, Anna Soloshenko, Thomas Zhang, Eric Wice, Ashley R. Albright, Aditi Narayanan, Paul Schmidt, Julia Saltz, Julien Ayroles, Mason Klein, Alan O. Bergland, Benjamin L. de Bivort.  Wild flies hedge their thermal preference bets in response to seasonal fluctuations. Under review, eLife

Fisher, David; Kilgour, R; Siracusa, Erin; Foote, Jennifer; Hobson, Elizabeth; Montiglio, Pierre-Olivier; Saltz, Julia; Wey, Tina; Wice, Eric. Anticipated impacts of abiotic environmental change on intraspecific social interactions. In revision Biological Reviews

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